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Help Memorialize Loved Ones Lost to Addiction

24 Hr. Power Inc. Artists 4 Recovery

 Lost a HUGE Piece of our Heart

  Please Join Us

Offer up a Moment of Silence for our Brother

Master Artist in Recovery Keith Mise. 

We love and miss you so much big guy.

Rest in Paint.  


Grief Lamps

24 Hr. Power's Grief Lamps are personal.

Hopefully they will bring comfort to the

people who need it most.

They are small in stature.

They can fit on any small table.

It started when Independence Academy

lost one of their graduates, Liam Kelly.

He was only 19 years old when he left

this world from an opioid overdose.

The students were hit hard.  Liam was

a musician, loved to play a bunch of

instruments.  I wanted to honor Liam.

I knew Blackbird was a song he loved

to play.  I downloaded the sheet music,

printed it out, glued it to a fabric lampshade...

I made one for the students at Independence Academy to keep in their

music room.

I made one for Liam's Mom.

Too many of us have lost loved ones.

Too many kids know more than one

friend who is no longer here...


24 Hr. Power will continue to honor loved

ones lost...with their favorite songs...keep their lights on.

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Remembrance Mirrors

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