Welcome to 24 Hr. Power!!!!

24 Hr. Power, Inc. is a non profit 501 (c) (3) public charity (EIN # 83-2127088) 

which promotes hope and healing for recovering addicts/alcoholics, their families, friends, supports, and their communities with Recovery Graffiti.

24 Hr. Power, Inc. helps lessen stigma, promotes awareness of the opioid crisis, and creates fun, creative, sober activities that engage recovering addicts/alcoholics in healthy sobriety. 24 Hr. Power, Inc. offers local artists in recovery a unique opportunity to give back.

Powerful, personal expression

utilizing Recovery Graffiti

and Pay it Forward Recovery Community Activities

create awareness

and celebrate recovery every 24 Hrs.

Susie's Story

I’m Susie Lordi,  a very grateful recovering addict/alcoholic blessed with a 24 Hr. daily reprieve from a disease that wants me dead. It takes an addict to reach an addict.

On my 24th Sober Anniversary, I launched 24HrPower.com.

What’s in a name?


All we have is TODAY …these very 24 hrs.

How will YOU spend yours?



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