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“I first met Recovery Graffiti at a town event held in honor of my late friend. They had huge blank canvases hanging up and said that anyone could paint, so as an artist I couldn’t resist. When I finished, Susie was ecstatic and asked me if I could come to her other events. Several events later, I am still happy to help and inspire others in recovery through my art and spread it around in hopes for a better life.


- Nathaniel Mok”

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As a person in recovery from alcohol, I have found a great way to not only express what’s inside of me, but also a way to help spread a message about recovery,  It can take many forms.  Having an outlet as well as a replacement for past negative feelings and actions improves not only the quality of my recovery and life but those I have contact with. For me those outlets include exercise and outdoor activities and making artwork.

Graffiti was always part of my upbringing and usually not appropriate or legal.  Sharing my ideas through painting and tagging helps me bridge a gap in my life before and after recovery and shows what is possible.  Expressing emotions is important on many levels in life and recovery and painting is a great way for me to keep growing.

Lee Soares


Art is a form of oneself way to express their feeling.  I feel that Recovery Graffiti is a great way of opening up the dialogue for many of us whether it’s a parent that lost a child…has a loved one in full blown addiction or etc.  I love the fact that no matter what kind of recovery we can open up to our feelings with art thank you Susie Lordi!

Joann Rivieccio

Somerville Overcoming Addiction

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"My name is Julie, and I've been in recovery for a few years now. I love recovery graffitifests because it's a way to express myself in a safe, healthy way. I think it's also great for people new to recovery because it shows them that they can have fun without drugs and alcohol! I always look forward to the events that Susie puts on, and I'm grateful for them. I get to see a lot of my friends, and make new ones! It's truly one of the brightest spots of my recovery!" 

Julie L.

I can't say enough about Susan Lordi and 24 Hr. Power, Inc. We met at her Recovery Graffiti event in Rockland and I couldn't wait to have her organization take part in our Music Festival and Vigil. She added such excitement and creativity to our event. Allowing people to share their love of the people they lost or to celebrate their recovery or struggles without stigma or shame. What a gift! Susie is a powerhouse and I'm so glad she is part of the recovery community here in Massachusetts!


~ Robyn



Robyn Houston-Bean

The Sun Will Rise Foundation, Inc.

541 Washington St

Braintree MA 02184




"Please be happy. The sun will rise."~ Nick Bean

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The GraffitiFest events run by Susan Lordi are great venues for addicts in recovery and their families to have fun while expressing their creativity. There are some many younger people suffering from addiction for whom many of the standard recovery methods are not working. And for many of these young people, there are far too few outlets for them to have a good time without drugs or alcohol.  Music and art two of the most effective ways to change the outlook of others. The events held by Susan celebrate the individuals and allows others to see them as more than just addicts and for the addicts to see themselves as something more as well. Her events are all about changing mindsets and taking people suffering with addiction out of the shadows. Susan is a highly creative individual capable of who tailors each event to the venue.  I hope that she will continue to find support for the work that she holds near and dear to her heart.



Joanne McDonough

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Hello, my name is Melissa, I'm a grateful recovery alcoholic and addict. For many years I struggled to not only get sober, but to stay sober. I currently have 15 months clean and sober, and this time around it's very different for me, for many reasons. What I've realized in the last year is that maintaining a healthy balance in my life is crucial to my recovery. That balance includes meetings, spending time with my daughter, work, nourishing my spirituality, and having fun. To be honest, having fun was one of the biggest thing my program was always lacking. As addicts and alcoholics, we welcome responsibility when we get sober because it makes us feel like productive members of society again. But we don't always remember to have fun or even to find out what our passions might be!

There aren't enough words to describe everything Susie has brought to my life. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be the woman I am today. I'm beyond grateful for what she has taught me, the time she has given to help mold me into who I am, someone I am proud to be. And one of those gifts are her Grafitti Fests. Coming together with other members of the community, and not just people in recovery, to create art and bond over something so personal yet relatable, is priceless. These events have shown me and countless others that we can have fun in recovery, something that is so crucial to staying sober. It allows parents to strengthen relationships with their kids, something so desperately needed after damage that was caused due to active addiction. My daughter can not wait to go to the next event, and neither can I. These events are something to look forward to, which everyone in recovery needs. We need to get and stay excited about sobriety, and GrafittiFests are definitely something to look forward to; to have fun, get involved with our community, and help ourselves and one another heal.


Melissa Selter

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